Research Hardware

A leading provider of POS hardware needed to validate a first-to-market ATM module prototype. They knew Sentier was especially well-suited to the unique demands of the project which required a hybrid approach to gather both “softer” CX metrics (appeal, preference, acceptance) for the Product/Innovation teams, as well as the rigorous quantitative human factors measurements demanded by engineering.


Multinational Finance and Retail Technology Company


Prototype Comparison: UX, Appeal, and Human Factors



We recruited 30 banking customers (controlled mix of short and tall customers) to use their own vehicles (controlled mix of low and high vehicles) to do simulated ATM drive-ups. Each participant completed both a withdrawal and deposit task on each of the 3 competing ATM prototypes in the context of a drive-up and a walk-up scenario. During each session, the Sentier team simultaneously collected

  • CX feedback and usage preferences
  • Detailed anthropometric (driver) and environmental measurements (car and ATM alignment) for benchmarking
  • And a 14-point reach difficulty assessment on each prototype.

The final readout succeeded in giving all of the stakeholder teams the critical direction and data-driven recommendations needed to reach internal consensus on the appropriate path forward.