Research Product Design

With the Fall semester a few months away and the COVID-19 pandemic escalating, a team of researchers and developers at The University of Texas were working tirelessly to launch a mobile app that would allow UT students, faculty and staff to record COVID-19 test results, track symptoms and connect to COVID-19 mental health and medical resources in Travis County. We were excited to immerse our UX Research and Design team with UT’s to be part of the solution.


The University of Texas at Austin


Protect Texas Together


June 2020

The University of Texas commissioned the creation of a dedicated mobile app to help support its larger COVID-19 response program. Development was already underway when the Sentier team began immersion. We quickly got up to speed on the specific goals and constraints of the project and conducted a thorough heuristic evaluation of the emerging design. Our team collaborated closely with the R&D team and the School of Communications to generate a plan that would deliver an optimal solution against an immovable deadline. Execution of the new vision entailed a complete redesign of the application, as well as the introduction of new functionality and critical valued-added features. The app launched successfully and on-time ahead of the fall 2020 semester. It continues to provide University of Texas faculty, researchers, staff, and students with an intuitive, hands-on tool that everyone can use to proactively ensure a safe and healthy campus.