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With the ‘as-a-service’ landscape becoming increasingly competitive, Dell Technologies is focused on maintaining their strategic advantage. Sentier developed our ‘concierge model’ for just this situation, to enable a dedicated team to embed with a client over multiple years. This depth of understanding of our client’s vision, programs, and goals allows us to be a strategic and valuable partner since we often have a more holistic view of the programs within a company - free from the internal bureaucracy that comes with large corporate organizational structures.


Dell Technologies


Strategic Across Organizations



Sentier has had a large team dedicated to Dell Technologies and their strategic efforts for several years. While initially brought in to work on a specific project for one organization, the value Sentier provided (having already acquired domain knowledge on other projects) was immediately recognized and the executive team began pulling our team in as one of their own. The Sentier team has provided all levels of deliverables from tactical to truly strategic leadership presentations, from mapping out systems across the organization to designing the emails customers receive across the purchase life-cycle and across markets around the world. Of course we’d love to be able to tell and show more, but after all, it is strategic!